Hard Money Loans

Bridge Loans for Apartment and Commercial Properties

We provide a wide range of financing alternatives, including Stated Income, Sub-Prime, Bridge, Construction, Rehab, Private Equity and Hard Money Loans (non-conventional, non-credit based loans for borrowers with poor credit, or in foreclosure or bankruptcy).

These real estate secured loans are designed to provide solution to borrowers who require a more creative, flexible and aggressive approach to funding; are unable to obtain funding through a conventional source.  We recognize the importance of service, and that loans must be structured around each borrower’s unique set of financial circumstances.

The amount or size of the loan and loan term are determined based on quality of the property, location of the property and credit worthiness of the borrower.  Even though the borrower’s credit is considered but it is not the most important factor; typically, the loan qualification is based mostly on the collateral value.

Lending Criteria
• Loan Size – Loan Amounts up to $5,000,000
• Location – Urban and suburban US properties. Major metropolitan areas only
• Collateral – 1st Lien Position on improved income producing (rental units, multifamily, mixed-use), industrial and commercial properties.
• Rates – From 7.99%
• Terms – 1-3 years, interest only or fully amortized
• Loan to Value Class I: 70% LTV / Class II: 65% LTV
• Property Types
Class I: Rental Units, Multifamily (5+ Units) & Mixed-use
Class II: Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self-Storage & Automotive Services

Types of Property:
Retail Strip and Shopping Centers
Office Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Mobile Home Parks
Special Purpose

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