SBA Express Loans

SBA Express (Working Capital)

The SBA Express Loan makes it easier to process and fund low dollar loans up to $150,000! The SBA Express is a streamlined process that is easier, quicker and faster. It reduces lender transaction cost and increases access to working capital for small business, franchisees and entrepreneurs.

SBA Express loan parameters:

– Nationwide
– $50,000 – $150,000 loan amounts
– 6.25% interest rate (based on Wall Street Journal Prime, adjusted quarterly)
– 10 year fully amortized loan with no pre-payment penalty
– Pre-qualify in a day, Funding in 5 – 7 days (Single funding)
– 2 years or more in business – the business has to have operated a minimum of 24 months
– Working capital or equipment only are the eligible uses of funds.
– 650 or higher personal credit scores.
– 1:1 debt coverage ratio on most recent tax returns and interims
– No judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies or foreclosures within past 3 years

SAMPLE LOAN PAYMENT (Rates subject to change)

Interest Rate Loan Term Loan Amount Monthly Payment
6.25% 10 Years $50,000 $561
$100,000 $1,123
$150,000 $1,684


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